Conversation, Music & Positive Emotion – 16th June 2008

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Following the successful event organised in January 2008 by Go Dundee and the Centre for Confidence & Well-Being – when 300 people came out on a cold, wet Monday evening to hear Tal Ben-Shahar’s excellent talk about positive psychology – many attendees indicated that they would welcome an opportunity for further exploration of these ideas and concepts.

So Go Dundee! and the Centre for Confidence & Well-Being teamed up again to organise an event on Monday 16th June 2008, again at the Apex Hotel, Dundee.

This time Dr Carol Craig, Chief Executive of the Centre for Confidence & Well-Being , presented her views on how positive psychology can be applied in Dundee to support and encourage the continuing renaissance of the city.

And Go Dundee also presented country rockers ‘The Hazey Janes’ – a local Dundee band who have made it to the big time and who played an

unplugged session for us!

The event on 16 June helped us to develop a clearer idea about how to develop more confident and optimistic people and organisations. The evening included an opportunity to connect with likeminded people in stimulating, encouraging and thought-provoking conversation.

It was a tremendous success with almost 150 people gathering to engage in dialogue around the issues of optimism, confidence and positive emotion.

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