Dundee Wave of Change core group 1

Feedback from the Dundee Wave of Change event on Thursday 3rd December 2009

In response to an invitation from the national ‘People Making Waves’ organisation to run a Dundee Wave of Change project, a launch event was held on 3rd December 2009 at which a newly formed core group explored how we should respond to the opportunity and begin the process of creative conversation with Dundee’s communities.

The issues addressed at the first meeting were:

  1. How should we define the various communities within Dundee?
  2. How can we communicate with each of the defined communities?



  • Local community planning partnerships – including disadvantaged people



  • Arts & culture – Rep, DCA, Science Centre, music, drama, art, nightlife, etc.
  • Science – life sciences, etc.
  • Digital media – computer games, etc.
  • Sport
  • Religion / faith
  • Ethnicity
  • Gender
  • Shoppers


  • Use ‘virtual communities’ with age ranges as proposed by Tom Schuller at the Learning City event, i.e.
    • under 25
    • 25 to 50
    • 50 to 75
    • 75+


  • Need to recognise that there is a substantial disaffected community within Dundee
  • There are also transient groups such as students and temporary workers


  • Listen!
  • Promote ‘blethers’ in pubs, cafes, clubs, etc. – organise a Big Blether Day
  • Media phone-ins / local paper letters pages
  • Discussions at home – switch off the TV!
  • Community councils
  • Community Centre Network plus libraries, medical centres and other community facilities
  • Social networking (requires internet access)
  • Schools should play a greater role in their community, e.g. evening access
  • Use story-telling to make connections with certain groups, e.g. the elderly
  • Media – use radio (Tay, Wave) and local newspapers ( Courier, Telegraph) to make connections
  • Aims of communication exercise:
    • to create a real planning process with proposals and dialogue
    • to secure ownership of a genuinely shared vision
    • need somewhere to leave/collect thoughts and comments
    • linguistic sticklebrick
  • Need to work out how to measure the success of the Wave of Change initiative, e.g. improved confidence, morale, perspective


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