St John’s High School song-writing group

A group of pupils at St John’s High School took part in eight song-writing sessions based on themes about Dundee’s future. St Johns~Michael Marra 3

A major event within the Dundee Wave of Change project was the participation of the late Michael Marra in the St John’s High School project.  Michael was one of Scotland’s most respected song-writers and musicians and he provided advice and inspiration for the young people at four of the song-writing sessions.  Michael is pictured on the right with one of the St John’s pupils who took part.

The pupils also carried out an initial brainstorming session to identify potential themes for their song-writing.





Several of the songs written by the group were recorded in the school’s drama studio.  Below is a video of the St John’s pupils performing some of the songs that they composed.

St John’s High School song-writing group from Joe Lafferty on Vimeo.

The songs written by the girls are honest and from the heart. “Basically we wrote about the good things and the bad things we thought about Dundee – and what could happen if we did some changing.’


“It was amazing to get Michael Marra to help!” “Mr Thompson was a great help too.”


“If you were to summarise in one word your experience on this project, what would you say?”


‘Inspiring’    ‘Fun’    ‘Different’    ‘Enjoyable’


It was an unforgettable moment. This is something I’m going to remember for a long time!’


‘…bring the wave of change…’