There’s talent all over the place, you just have to discover it.  (Eddie Cairnie, Musical tutor)

This page has two inspiring short videos.  Click on the images below to watch.

This video below (less than 4 minutes) is a summary of the performances Steve and I captured with the group – you’ll get to hear Nan Currie, Michelle Holden, Walter Blacklaw, and see Victoria Campbell’s mime performance.

Film of Fintry Songwriting Group from Joe Lafferty on Vimeo.

This 7 minute video below is a short interview with Eddie Cairnie, the Musical tutor and Alan Fraser the Facilitator/Team leader.  These men, two humble servant leaders, enabled a diverse group of people in the Fintry Community in Dundee to find their ‘voice’ and to develop confidence, connect with their own creativity and realise that they had something meaningful to contribute.

This is just one of the hidden gems that happens in Dundee, and often never get promoted, or celebrated. It’s wonderful work – watch the interview and be inspired.

Musical tutor: Eddie Cairnie
Team leader: Alan Fraser

This project had a small amount of seed funding from the Scottish Wave of Change as part of the People Making Waves Project, part of the Cultural Olympiad.