Dundee/Global visioning

A Dundee Wave of Change (Just Imagine)

Seven members of the Fintry Song-writing Group took part in a visioning exercise for Dundee (and beyond!) using the aims of A Dundee Wave of Change as their starting point.  The session took place at Finmill Centre, Fintry and was facilitated by Alan Fraser (CLD Worker Adult Learning) and Eddie Carney (Song-writing Tutor).  The aim of the session was to generate themes arising from envisioning the future for use in subsequent song-writing etc.

The session opened with the group reviewing the aims of Dundee Wave of Change.  A handout was prepared using Dundee Wave of Change publicity material to outline the concepts underpinning the initiative. This was used to stimulate dialogue and to engender understanding of the process.  The visioning process consisted of a series of four exercises as described below.

A Wish for Dundee

The group was asked to imagine that they had been granted one wish for Dundee’s future. What would it be?

  • That all Dundee kids get a good education that allows them to develop confidence and a positive outlook
  • That there is more work for young men
  • That Dundee is seen as a city with a great future where people would be proud to live
  • That there will be lower density housing with no Skarne blocks
  • That there will be more recognition of positive things in Dundee
  • That there will be more educational opportunities, particularly in media
  • That Dundee is free of drugs
  • That crime is dealt with
  • That there are more jobs


Participants were asked to imagine that they were living in Dundee in the year 2020 and that they had bought or seen an Evening Telegraph.  What is the headline on the front page?

  • “Dundee Wins The Olympics”
  • “Dundee Factory Produces Millionth Clean Car”
  • “Dundee Architect Wins Nobel Prize” (for designing building that induces wellbeing)
  • “Dundee Voted Safest and Most Friendly City in Europe”
  • “Dundee Recognised as Prime Location for New Industries” (receives prosperity grant)
  • “Scotland Wins World Cup” (team made up exclusively of Dundee United FC and Dundee FC players)
  • “Dundee Film Tops Box Office” (film about Dundee teens)
  • “Dundee Cleared of Scourge of Drugs”

A Day in the Life

Participants were next asked to imagine what they would be doing during the day ten or twenty years from now.   The story below is one of several responses.
A Day in the Life

Desirability / Likelihood Matrix

This exercise consisted of asking participants to think about future global events – both positive and negative – and then to consider the desirability and likelihood of each event.  The events were then placed in their appropriate position on a Desirability-Likelihood matrix as shown below. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Fintry Music Group matrix 3