Three Wishes for Dundee

Dundee Wave of Change ‘Three Wishes’ exercise

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As part of the Dundee Wave of Change initiative, attendees (right) on the City Journey 2011 visited Dundee Science Centre to reflect on the day and to take part in a discussion about Dundee’s future.

Attendees were asked to discuss their own social and cultural aspirations for the city and then to agree, in teams of 5-6 people, three wishes for Dundee in 2021. This provided a fascinating variety of hopes for the future as shown below.

  • A city where everyone can realise their potential, where progress is embraced and achievements recognised
  • A city where people feel empowered to become involved in change and where change happens through collaboration across all cultural and organisational boundaries
  • A city in which a change of attitude has enabled a breakdown of barriers and greater ownership by the public, including positive role models
  • A city that celebrates Dundonian culture and heritage and the unique qualities of the city
  • A city which ensures that all aspects of life are tended to – not just a big, shiny waterfront but also where citizens live
  • A city in which young people have the self-confidence to make positive choices
  • A city that has restored pride in itself and has improved communication and promotion of Dundee’s activities, including better promotion of the city by its own citizens
  • A city with greater self-awareness of its people in the diversity and dynamism of the local economy
  • A city that provides jobs for its young people
  • A city which develops creative, innovative industries and maintains continuous development through analytical research
  • A city with more arts venues and an expansion of the Rep
  • A city with a world class science centre and in which science is part of the city’s culture
  • A city which has breathed life into its city centre and made it family-friendly, safe and with more life at night
  • A city which has ensured that the new waterfront development is aesthetically pleasing with a mix of housing and cafés etc.
  • A city which uses the River Tay for leisure access, e.g. boat trips, etc.
  • A city that has improved social conditions including housing and has reduced deprivation, crime, drug and alcohol abuse, etc.


The City Journey 2011 was organised by Go Dundee as part of A Dundee Wave of Change – a component of the nationwide project A Scottish Wave of Change which, as part of the Cultural Olympiad, is looking at the future of Scotland through stories.

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