Adult Learners projects

Adult learning groups across the city took part in Dundee Wave of Change projects, led by the Council’s Adult Learning team. All of the projects explored – in different ways – participant’s views about their home city and its future. Please click here to see a selection of the writing and artwork completed by the various groups.

The groups that took part were:

ESOL learners group (English for speakers of other languages)

Adult Learners team members worked with a group of ESOL learners (English for speakers of other languages) to create three different displays/pieces of artwork consisting of photographs, drawings and computer work. The displays were mounted on cardboard and include ‘Dundee Today’, ‘What I like & dislike about Dundee’ and ‘Expectations for Dundee in 2020’.

Multicultural groups

A multicultural parent & baby group (0-2 years) and a multicultural parent & toddler group (3-5 years) created a large collage of thoughts and ideas from group members on what they would like to see in Dundee in the future regarding multiculturalism.

Baxter Park Family Fun Day

The Adult Learning team gathered responses about Dundee’s future from attendees at the Baxter Park family fun event on 22nd April 2011 and posted them onto an A3 size laminated poster.

Adult Learners community groups in Whitfield & Kirkton

The Adult Learners team worked with five different community groups in Whitfield and Kirkton to gather thoughts about Dundee now and in the future. They created 8 posters of varying sizes capturing the views of community members. The five community groups were Longhaugh Nursery (Whitfield), Whitfield Dance Group, Chest, Heart & Stroke Group (Whitfield), Whitfield Family Learning Group and Kirkton Family Morning Group.

Hulltoon Writers’ Group

A creative writing project was undertaken by Hulltoon Writers’ Group who created seven pieces of writing – four stories, two poems and a letter – all on one A4 size paper. The shortest piece was 129 words and the longest was 466 words.

Tam Malone (Adult learner)

As part of the Dundee Wave of Change project, Tam Malone wrote a poem about his positive experience of taking part in adult learning programmes at Mitchell Street. To read his poem click here.

Working for Families group

With the support of the Adult Learners team, a Working for Families group created an A1 sheet containing thoughts about Dundee.