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top of this page to explore the various Dundee Wave of Change projects.

Just imagine…

What will Dundee look like in 2020? What will it feel like to be in the City – in your part of the City?

Imagine that Dundee has continued to flourish and has become a great cialis alternatives place to live across all parts of the city. What has enabled this? What stories would you tell about viagra didnt work the first time how we achieved this together? What has your part been? And what have others contributed?

That’s what A Dundee Wave of Change is all about. It’s a two year project where people gathered and creatively described the story of Dundee’s future success – thus providing some important messages about how to achieve this ambition. We have tried to engage http://howdoescialis-worklast.com/ as many people as possible in imagining this potential and in telling their stories. The activities organised by Dundee Wave of Change created opportunities for dialogue, engaging people in imagining Dundee’s potential and beginning to create a people’s vision of what the city could become by 2020.

The Dundee Wave of Change project – co-ordinated by Go Dundee – invited people to think about and discuss:

  • The values of a future Dundee
  • New forms and practices of participation
  • How to imagine, describe and achieve change

The video below gives a short montage of some of the work done through the Wave of Change.


A Scottish Wave of Change is part of the Cultural Olympiad – which addresses the future, stories and change. It is about aiding and encouraging discussion, stories, creativity and hope in a mass imagination project, opening up and democratising the future.

The project has a national remit as well as an international reach – using the Olympic and Paralympic values to begin an exploration of the values, hopes and aspirations people would like to see in the Scotland of the future. It has significant community cheap viagra 100mg projects, working in Govan, Dundee and Lochgilphead developing local futures contributing to a different national future, while supporting a group of young people to sail around Scotland – creating stories of the future. It has many other different strands and activities – all of which are centred on opening up debate, ideas and aiding people to have the confidence to create their own future.

A Scottish Wave of Change follows on from the work of Scotland 2020 and Glasgow 2020 which Gerry Hassan led with the UK think tank Demos broke new ground in Scotland, the UK and internationally by developing innovative ways of imagining the future through stories and the concept of ‘mass imagination’. The projects produced two books, numerous resources, skills and tools, and spam email for viagra even, for Glasgow 2020, a music album. Both of these projects

One of the primary strands of A Scottish Wave of Change is to develop a series of conversations, discussions and events in a number of places across the country over the course of the project. This will allow for long-term relationships to be built and different groups of people and ways of working to be developed.

A Dundee Wave of Change is a distinct strand of work as part of the wider Scottish Wave of Change with a variety of activities including story-telling and imagining the future. It has created its own Dundee-specific resources and publications while also being part of a unique Scottish and viagra vs cialis reddit international project.

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