So, what is Go Dundee all about?

Go Dundee is an informal network of like-minded people who recognise Dundee’s great strengths and wish to contribute to a successful future for the city. We believe that cultivating a positive approach and building confidence among Dundee’s people, communities and businesses is vital to achieving the city’s full potential.

Go Dundee’s activities are initiated and organised by a non-hierarchical group of people who participate on a voluntary basis. Go Dundee is an independent organisation with no political, religious or cultural affiliations.

What does Go Dundee actually do?

Go Dundee’s activities fall into three main groups:

  • Conference events featuring inspiring speakers on a range of topics relevant to Dundee
  • ‘Learning Journeys’ designed to increase local people’s sense of engagement, pride and confidence in their city
  • Community initiatives such as the recent Dundee Wave of Change project

IMG_2281_GoDundee_delegatesSince 2005, more than a thousand people have participated in the many stimulating events organised by Go Dundee – making connections, telling their stories, encouraging each other and (we hope) being inspired! At each event we make space to share people’s experiences and ideas. We also discuss what role participants can play in realising these ideas and in stimulating action. It’s all about developing a positive approach and boosting confidence in the City of Dundee.

By the way, Go Dundee receives no regular funding and so is grateful to the generous organisations that provide in-kind support for Go Dundee events.

Who can attend Go Dundee events?

Anyone and everyone! Just check the Go Dundee web site for details of events and come along. Almost all Go Dundee events are free to attend.

Who runs Go Dundee?

A small core group of people get together a few times a year to devise and organise Go Dundee events. Go Dundee has no leader, no constitution, no politics – and no money! It exists through the power of networking together with the participation of people who give their time freely and believe that Dundee can achieve great things in the future. It’s organic, creative and unpredictable – yet surprisingly effective at generating ideas and running successful events.

If you are interested in finding out more

about the core group please get in touch with us via the contact link.

For more on the history of Go Dundee see the Story tab.